23 Feb 2018

Last year, CIRCE and the Town Council of Monzón embarked on a collaborative project to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). The goal was to establish the most suitable and environmentally friendly means of transport, taking into account financial growth and social well-being to enhance the town's natural wealth and raise living standards for local residents.

CIRCE's mission consisted in providing the technical guidance needed to help the local council draw up its SUMP.

The project began by performing an initial urban mobility assessment, including a detailed analysis of the specific aspects affecting transport in Monzón. Based on that analysis, a series of measures were established to be carried out in the next stage of the project, which will ultimately result in a better mobility model from a technical, financial, environmental and social point of view.

Local residents will be informed of the plan on Tuesday 27 February in the Casa de la Cultura Events Hall at 7:30 pm, where council technicians and CIRCE professionals will present the results of the evaluation stage.

Among various other aspects, the study considered the town's potential to create pedestrian areas or cycling tracks, the use of private vehicles vs public transport, the most troublesome stretches of road, air quality and the impression residents have of mobility.