19 Mar 2018


11 April 2018 @10:30 CEST      Watch the recorded webinar

Harmonizing energy and mobility planning: the SIMPLA approach - Luca Mercatelli (Area Science Park)

SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans) and SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) are among the most widespread strategic plans promoted by the European Commission to encourage a more sustainable and inclusive urban development. Indeed, SEAPs and SUMPs have common goals and are bound to influence each other when it comes to their implementation. How can then local authorities avoid duplications, maximize synergies and trigger multiplier effects in their strategic planning processes?

17 April 2018 @10:30 CEST      Watch the recorded webinar

Accelerating European cities’ energy transition through renewable energy and clean mobility. Demonstration, upscaling and planning of smart charging & vehicle-to-grid technologies - Hugo Niesing (Resourcefully)

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly spreading in European cities. This entails significant peaks in energy demand that typically do not correspond to peaks in energy production and supply, especially when renewable energy sources (RES) are concerned. How can EV be used to support the grid in effectively responding to energy peaks and to best exploit renewable energy sources?

8 May 2018 @10:30 CEST      Watch the recorded webinar

The electric vehicle revolution: the Norway case - Hans Jacob Mydske (NEPAS - New Energy Performance AS)

Electric vehicles (EV) have revolutionized transport and mobility in Norway with a stunningly rapid growth. How was this made possible? Have an insight on the non-technical measures introduced by the government to support this unprecedented uptake.

16 May 2018 @10:30 CEST      Watch the recorded webinar

Practical guide for the transition from SEAP to SECAP - Giorgia Rambelli (European Covenant of Mayors Office)

In October 2015 the European Commission launched the new 'Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy', adding adaptation to climate change to the already established objective of CO2 emission reduction. How can cities best upgrade their Sustainable Energy Action Plans into new, integrated and comprehensive Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans?

29 May 2018 @10:30 CEST      Watch the recorded webinar

Developing an action plan for sustainable mobility at a functional urban area level. Last-mile logistics with electric vehicles in the city of Vicenza (Italy) in the frame of the SOLEZ project - Manuela Massi, Carlo Andriolo (Municipality of Vicenza)

The majority of European cities have grown around identifiable centres, that are responsible for a relevant part of urban traffic from/to other urban areas and the hinterlands. That is why effective sustainable mobility policies need to be planned at a Functional Urban Area level. Traffic restriction policies are an effective way to decarbonize urban areas, but should be accompanied by value-added services to reduce the disadvantages they produce and increase their acceptability for stakeholders and citizens. Learn more on how the city of Vicenza (Italy) is successfully dealing with this issue by introducing innovative, low carbon last-mile logistics solutions.

7 June 2018 @15:00 CEST       Watch the recorded webinar

Smart mobility solutions in Antwerp, Madrid and Berlin - Marijke De Roeck (City of Antwerp), Sergio Fernández Balaguer (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, S.A. – Madrid Public Transport Company), Thekla Heinel (B.& S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH – environment consultancy)

Antwerp, Madrid and Berlin are at the forefront of sustainable mobility in Europe. Get an insight into some of their most successful achievements, ranging from high-level travel planners to innovative electric mobility solutions and efficient bike sharing systems.