26 Oct 2017

SIMPLA trainings were successfully concluded in project countries. Overall, the trainings witnessed the participation of almost 100 officers, representing 64 local authorities. Blending lectures and group works, the trainings explored differences and similarities between SEAPs/SECAPs and SUMPs, in order to find opportunities for synergies and economies of scale. Many connections between the two plans were identified, together with several overlapping areas, such as in the field of electric mobility. Discussions revolved around methods for data collection and sharing, legal frameworks (including national applicable law and already existing planning tools) and participatory processes.

Trainees brought in their own experience in the field, complementing the theoretical knowledge and technical expertise of the trainers and setting the ground for a fertile exchange of experiences and successful solutions.

The harmonization of energy and mobility planning is recognized as a need in all project countries. In light of this, many of the involved local authorities expressed their interest in pursuing along the SIMPLA path to harmonization, and are willing to move on to the upcoming coaching phase, where dedicated experts will assist selected local authorities in the actual harmonization of their energy and mobility plans.

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