The workshop “Energy Decarbonisation and Flexibility Needs” is taking place in Brussels on 17 November 2016.

The event, organised in the framework of the REFLEX project, is exploring the role of different flexibility options in the exploitation of renewable energy sources (RES).  RES play a key role in the decarbonisation of the European energy system. However, their intermittent nature calls for the implementation of flexibility options such as energy storage systems, smart grids and demand side management, as well as new cross‐sectoral applications like power‐to heat and power‐to‐transport to fully exploit their potential.

The workshop is witnessing the contribution of high-level speakers such as Marie Donnelly, Director for Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency of DG Energy, European Commission, and Paul Kreutzkamp, CEO of Next Kraftwerke BELGIUM, one of the leading European companies in the field of smart distribution of energy supply and demand and power trading. The full programme of the workshop is available here.

The event is free of charge. For more information and/or registering (by 9 November 2016): Theresa.Mueller@tu-dresden.de.

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