Relationship with SUMP guidelines

Looking at the SUMP guidelines, Step 2.3.7 is closely related to Phase III ‘Elaborating the plan’ – Step 9 ‘Adopt Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan’ - Activity 9.1 ‘Check the quality of the plan’, Activity 9.2 ‘Adopt the plan’ and Activity 9.3 ‘Create ownership of the plan’.


Relationship with SECAP guidelines

Step 2.3.6 is related to the general guidelines ‘How to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan Guidebook part 1’ chapter 1.4, where the formal approval phase is defined and set into context.

After the end of the harmonization process, the revised SECAP and SUMP are submitted for approval by the City Council (or other relevant decision maker according to national law) possibly in the same session to underline their connection and to have a joint political debate.

In order to keep the harmonized plans coherent, it is indeed important that the discussion in the city council (which in some countries includes also a public consultation) and the possible amendments are focused on both plans whenever a change in one plan affects also the other. To achieve this, it is crucial to raise bipartisan consensus on the relevance of the harmonization process and the need to keep the two plans coordinated.