The harmonization report is a document describing the harmonization process

It does not need formal approval, but it is signed by the harmonization process’ project manager. The report must describe the changes and improvements made on both SECAP and SUMP and the reason why they have been made. The report will be useful internally for the further reviews of the harmonization process and externally for sharing with all stakeholders the achievement of the harmonization process. The report should be written during the process, and finalized after completing step 4. A template of the harmonization report is provided. The main chapters are the following

  • Chapter 1 = step 1 = description of what you did to initiate the harmonization process
  • Chapter 2 = step 2 = description of what you did to plan the harmonization process
  • Chapter 3 = step 3 = description of how you modified your SECAP and SUMP
  • Chapter 4 = step 4 = description of what you did to monitor the harmonization process
  • Chapter 5 = step 5 = actions planned for updating and continuing harmonization in 2 years’ time.


Expected output:
  • Document: Harmonization report